Our philosophy

“More is less and less is more”

At AGF Tutoring our philosophy and approach to pedagogy are crystal clear: we want to deliver an utterly superlative education in the least possible time allowing you to attain the best possible results. The quality of our service, as evidenced by our track record and our tutors, is unparalleled – we impart our knowledge, our tuition, our pedagogy in the most efficacious manner saving you precious time and money. In short, rather than drag out a course we prefer that you complete it in the minimum time. For example, we sincerely believe that a dedicated and committed student can cover a full GCE A-level in as little as 60 tutorial hours over a nine-month period rather than hundreds of hours over a typical two-year period; or a serious student can ace the ACT or SAT with just 16 hours of intensive, bespoke tutorials over a four-month period. Naturally, every individual progresses and learns at his or her respective rate and we will surely synchronise our tutorials and consultations with each individual’s specific needs and requirements, always endeavouring to minimise the time spent and maximise the results. That is why we believe that more is indeed less and less is indeed more.

We look forward to welcoming you when you register on the How it works page or meeting you personally when you book your free introductory session with a Head tutor.