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Chess, like love, like music, has the power to make men (and women) happy. —Siegbert Tarrasch, The Game of Chess (1931)

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exam revision

How to revise effectively and nail top grades in your exams

Do you know how to revise effectively? Simple question but most students do not have a clue how to do this and end up scoring well below their potential. The A* students on the other hand know the tricks to revising productively to ace their exams. What are those tricks?


Are cognitive biases affecting your test performance?

Behavioral science is a very dynamic and expanding multidisciplinary field of science that deals with human actions usually in the fields of psychology, sociology, and anthropology. It has many applications in economics, biology, law, political science and many more fields.

fake news

Fake news

The internet is growing rapidly and there are more people using it every day. However, by becoming the main source of information for many people, a new wave of misinformation has risen. Fake news and fake information on the internet can cause a chain reaction with detrimental effects.


Why should I pursue an internship?

Internships have evolved from the medieval apprenticeship, where a skilled craftsman would teach a young apprentice their craft. In exchange, the apprentice agreed to work for their mentor for a specified period of time.

junk food

Dieting for exams

It is exam time and all you care about is your grades. You want the best possible scores and in order to achieve this you study very hard. During this period you do not pay attention to what you eat or you eat unhealthy intentionally.


Should I do the campus tour?

Campus visits are very critical in choosing the right university, although they are sometimes overlooked by students. Selecting a college is not only about finding the highest ranking one on a specific list, but also about finding the right fit, since you will be spending at least one year of your life in this place.


Congratulations to our students!

As the New Year is underway, we would like to congratulate the people in our network, which for another year has grown stronger and bigger, for their success.