more I get a “You need Flash installed and enabled in order to use the flash client” message when visiting the platform


more What are the minimum bandwidth requirements for a user?
more Is wired connection better than wireless?
more What are the minimum requirements for the AGF Tutoring platform?


more Can I upload Microsoft Office documents to the AGF Tutoring platform?
more Is there a size or page limit on the files I upload during a presentation?
more Will my animations in PowerPoint convert when uploading to the AGF Tutoring platform?
more I uploaded a document but some fonts are missing after conversion
more I can’t upload a presentation from Linux
more Why can’t I resize my portrait document?



more I get a WebRTC Audio failure notification
more Why can’t others hear me in the voice conference?
more Why do others only hear part of my audio?
more Why is there an echo in the voice conference?
more How do I get the best audio?
more I have 2 microphones and want to choose one to join the voice conference
more Some users are experiencing audio problems


more How can I copy all chat messages to the clipboard?


more What parts of the session does the AGF Tutoring platform record?

Screen sharing

more Are there any requirements to run desktop sharing?
more Can I share a specific window when sharing my desktop?


more Users on Chrome get randomly disconnected
more Users on Windows 7 get disconnected after a minute
more Why can’t I accept the Flash Security Dialog on Linux?