‘Tis application season again! Oxbridge & Medicine – Dentistry deadline looms on October 15


It’s that time of the year already. It seems like it was just yesterday when we were splashing in the sea, basking in the warm summer sun! Schools started another academic year and those of you going into your last year of school are having to think about applying to universities – it’s all happening!

Those of you who are gunning for places at Oxbridge need to get your skates on double quick as the deadline of October 15 is fast approaching. Remember you cannot apply to both Oxford and Cambridge, and the whole process is somewhat quirky in comparison with the other UK universities. Worry thee not as at AGF Tutoring we have a whole slew of competent, experienced Oxbridge graduates who are more than ready and willing to assist you through the labyrinthine process with aplomb. And then there are all those other niggly matters such as specific Cambridge and Oxford entrance examinations and preparation for the interviews when you eventually get invited for them. Lots more useful information on agftutoring.com.

Likewise, if you are applying for a highly competitive place at a Medical or Dental school then time is against you. Remember you have only 4 choices rather than the normal 5 for other courses. So you have to choose especially carefully to avoid squandering valuable choices in your UCAS application. And make sure that your personal statement is spot on – it can make all the difference in the scheme of things. Again, at AGF Tutoring we have tutors and consultants who have gone through all the hoops and over the hurdles, passed BMAT and UKCAT tests, undergone rigorous interviews and managed to qualify as practicing doctors and dentists. Lots more useful pointers agftutoring.com.

So if you want expert advice and guidance look no further than our experienced, qualified and professional tutors and consultants at AGF Tutoring. To get started just register yourselves.

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