Financial Aid

USAID_Scholarship_Program_IndonesiaBefore embarking on an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, practically everyone’s begging question, and thus problem, is how he or she is going to fund his or her education. Of course, everyone wants to pay as little as possible and simultaneously acquire a top-notch education. Naturally, this is rarely possible in the real world in which one normally has to pay for quality. That said, tuition fees can vary significantly from one country to another, and indeed, can vary vastly within the very same university.

Generally, there is very little in the way of financial aid at British universities; at US universities, however, there is much more possibility of being awarded financial aid, though one’s chances are generally diminished if one is applying as an international student. If a prospective candidate can put together a really strong application, both in terms of academic accomplishments and extracurricular activities, then his or her chances of attaining sizeable financial aid and/or scholarship will be greatly enhanced. We at AGF Tutoring have guided numerous students to the most appropriate universities in the UK and the US, according to both their academic ranking and their return on investment.

The matter of financial aid is a convoluted one that we at AGF Tutoring can assist you with and guide you through. We have experienced consultants at hand who can confidently assist you through this very crucial process, leading you to the most apt universities. Please book your free introductory session so that we can glean a preliminary overview of your case and then we can assign one of our consultants.