SAT Physics

The SAT Subject Test in Physics is a challenging test that examines a broad swathe of Physics topics, from simple mechanics to Einstein’s Special Relativity. The SAT Subject Test in Physics consists of 75 questions and lasts just 60 minutes, making it all the more challenging even for the very best students. Those students who have a strong underpinning in Physics, for example, those who have prepared for the GCE A-level or IB High Level in Physics, will be in good stead to address the material and answer the questions confidently. If you do not have a strong background in physics, then you will either have to spend a lot more time preparing or it may be worth considering another SAT Subject Test.

Given the number of questions and the time constraint of the SAT Subject Test in Physics the message from us at AGF Tutoring is: “The devil is in the detail”. You really need to know your material inside out and be able to answer the questions very quickly to have a chance of a good score (the current average is approximately 670/800). Therefore, you need to prepare the correct material to the correct level of detail and you also need to adopt the most efficacious exam-taking techniques and strategies.

At AGF Tutoring, we have tutors who have been tutoring the SAT Subject Test in Physics for years, many of whom have aced the test, and thus are very well aware of what it takes to conquer the test. If you wish to prepare for the SAT Subject Test in Physics then please register here or book your free introductory session with a Head Tutor.