A-level Ancient Greek

Ancient Greece is rightly regarded as the cradle of western civilisation. Their literature has shaped our culture, their myths are the basis of much of our folklore, and their philosophical ideas still generate controversy to this day. Studying Greek texts in the original languages allows students to engage directly with the arguments in a way that is simply not possible if they are studied in translation. The combination of logic and mental flexibility required to master Ancient Greek sharpens both students’ critical and creative thinking skills, leaving them well-prepared for a wide variety of challenges.

At A-Level standard, Ancient Greek is a natural complement to Latin, but it is possible to study it separately if desired. A-Level Greek is only advised for those who have already studied the language to GCSE or equivalent.

Studying Ancient Greek demonstrates a kind of curiosity and intellectual rigour which is highly regarded by admissions officers in a variety of subjects, both those that are linked to Classics, and more unrelated programmes like History, Law and Modern Languages. Within Classics, most major colleges and universities run three distinct courses – first, the course for those who have studied Latin and Greek to A-Level. Second, for those who have studied one but not the other, and finally, for those who have never studied Latin or Greek. So, no matter how far you take your studies, there will be a classics course to suit you.

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