Tetrahedron puzzle

Consider a regular tetrahedron with an edge length of 3 units. A regular polyhedron with faces, vertices and edges is made by cutting a regular tetrahedron with an edge length of one unit from each of the 4 corners of the tetrahedron .

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Ever thought about becoming an innovator?

Many of the things we use today have been the product of somebody’s imagination. Everyday things like our phones, computers, cars, and books were invented by someone in the past. Inventors are trailblazers; they conceive things before everybody else and then execute their ideas.

Boarding schools

Boarding schools have existed for many centuries, and they now extend across many regions, with a variety of functions and ethos. In the United Kingdom they are considered the most prestigious academic institutions, with many prime ministers having passed through their halls.

modern art painting detail

Modern art painting

This snippet is from one of the greatest paintings from one of the pioneers of modern art’s most important movements. Do you know the name of the painting, the artist, and which movement he started?

omr exam test

The night before

The time has come: in less than 24 hours you will be taking that test. Many months of preparation have come down to this day. What should you do and not do?

Currency exchange

To go on holiday Peter converts 300 euros into US dollars. Had he bought three months earlier he would have received the same number of dollars for 50 euros less, since the rate of exchange was two dollars to the euro more then than on the day he bought them.

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Victory Moves

Pianist and composer Jason Kouchak published an homage to Carlsen and Caruana on the eve of the World Chess Championship match entitled “Victory Moves”.

soft-boiled egg

The 9-minute egg

You are a cook in a remote area with no clocks or other way of keeping time other than a four minute hourglass and a seven minute hourglass. You do have a stove however with water in a pot already boiling.



Do you know the meaning of contumely, one of the few words in the English language that looks like an adverb but is in fact a noun?