A-level Biology

Biology is naturally the obvious choice of anyone contemplating studying Biology, Medicine or Biochemistry, for example, as an undergraduate degree. However, there are many other exciting degrees that require Biology as a GCE A-level requisite – for instance Bioengineering or Nanotechnology, which will undoubtedly figure large in the forthcoming years. In fact, Biology, in our opinion at AGF Tutoring, is arguably the most underdeveloped natural science with the most potential upside, not only from a research point of view but also for future employment prospects. We would therefore heartily encourage high school students to seriously consider studying Biology as a GCE A-level and, moreover, think about a career based on Biology.

At AGF Tutoring we offer tutoring for the International GCE A-level (IAL) in Biology and our preferred examination board is Pearson Edexcel, allowing the international student to sit the examination modules up to 3 times in an academic year. We also cater for the other examination boards such AQA, CIE and OCR. The IAL in Biology consists of six units:

  • Unit 1: Lifestyle, Transport, Genes and Health
  • Unit 2: Development, Plants and the Environment
  • Unit 3: Practical Biology and Research Skills
  • Unit 4: The Natural Environment and Species Survival
  • Unit 5: Energy, Exercise and Coordination
  • Unit 6: Practical Biology and Investigative Skills

You can find comprehensive details on the Pearson Edexcel site here.