Many of the students who approach AGF Tutoring want a preparation programme that often lasts more than a year with multiple tutors. In such cases, we put together special packages that are personalized, tailormade from the very beginning of the preparation for the relevant examinations all the way through to the application process to the respective universities – in short, we take care of the whole process.

More specifically, we propose and offer special packages that offer substantial savings, with a clearly defined study plan with the most appropriate tutors. In the initial free introductory session one of our head tutors will interview you and thus get a very clear idea of what you want to do. Then we will assign the most appropriate tutors for your needs – you will meet each of these tutors in a free 30-minute introductory session via the AGF Tutoring platform so that you can become acquainted the respective tutor and ask some basic questions.

To illustrate the above, we have outlined some representative instances that we have had over the last few years.

  • Case 1: Paulo Is a 10th grader (16 years old) and wishes to study Engineering either in the UK or US. He is aiming high – one of the very highly ranked universities. In the introductory session it was patently clear that Paul is a strong student with excellent grades from school (currently following the Italian curriculum), especially in Mathematics and the Sciences though English is not his native language, and therefore is somewhat below par. It is decided that Paulo will prepare for the Pearson IAL A-levels in Mathematics and Physics – this preparation will automatically cover the material for the SAT Subject Tests in Mathematics Level 2 and Physics. The A-levels will require one year maximum to complete (120 tutorial hours) with 2 different tutors, one for mathematics and one for physics. Additionally, Paulo will need to improve his English language skills to be on a par with students from the UK & US. Therefore, we assign a further 2 tutors to cover his preparation for the Verbal sections in the ACT, and this preparation will automatically cover his needs for either the IELTS and/or TOEFL English examinations. The anticipated preparation period for the English is deemed to be around 6 months (approximately 90 tutorial hours). At the end of the 12-month preparation period Paulo will have scores in the ACT, A-level grades in Mathematics and Physics, and a score in IELTS and/or TOEFL. Paulo is now in an excellent position to apply to top UK & US universities with the expectation of some really decent offers, perhaps some financial aid in the form of an academic scholarship if his scores are high enough.
  • Case 2: Mish is set on studying Theoretical Physics, preferably in the US, though he will also apply to some very highly ranked universities in the UK. Mish approached AGF Tutoring with his parents primarily with a view to studying in the US. In the introductory session, it was evident that the focus would be on the ACT and SATs. However, we managed to convince Mish that since he wanted to study Theoretical Physics so much then the best way to strengthen his application would be to prepare for the Mathematics and Physics A-levels as well. By doing so he could also apply to other universities in the UK, and even in Europe. Mish’s spoken English was very good as he had spent 3 years when he was younger in the US. He has moved around due to his father’s work and has attended High School in both the US and Greece, following their respective curricula. We thus assigned appropriate mathematics and physics tutors to Mish as well as an English tutor to focus purely on his Writing, Grammar and Reading skills. The projected preparation period in 10 – 12 months.

    *Mish completed all the above and has been interviewed recently by MIT, Harvard, University of Chicago, Rice University and Columbia University. He has also secured 2 unconditional offers from Durham University and Glasgow University. This was achieved on the back of excellent scores in all the above tests: A* Mathematics A-level, A Physics A-level, 800 SAT Mathematics Level 2, 800 SAT Physics, 34 ACT (first and only attempt), 115/120 TOEFL iBT.