Music scholarships

girl playing piano - music scholarshipsIf you are a budding Alfred Brendel or Maria Perez and want to pursue your music in combination with your academic studies then you can do so by winning a music scholarship to a leading university. Granted, music scholarships are usually much less generous than athletic scholarships though there may be healthy need-based scholarships at eminent institutions, such as the Kovner Fellowship Program at Juilliard. It can be a somewhat daunting and convoluted matter searching for a decent music scholarship at a university where you can combine your passion for music with your academics.

At AGF Tutoring we have graduates, and indeed performers such as Jason Kouchak, from world-renowned music schools, who can assist and guide you in your quest to fine the best possible combination. If you are interested in seeking a music scholarship then please register and organize a meeting with a head consultant.