A-level History

“What is history?” was the title of Edward Carr’s seminal book in which he argues that history “is a continuous process of interaction between the historian and his facts, an unending dialogue between the past and the present”. Naturally, an A-level student cannot possibly assimilate all of history but will concentrate on certain periods, such as the 19th and 20th centuries. In doing so students will acquire excellent analytical and evaluative skills, enabling them to assimilate large amounts of information which can then be used to write well-crafted, coherent essays.

In order to embark on the GCE A-level it is recommended that you have already done (I)GCSE History though it is not an absolute prerequisite. There will be a lot of reading; therefore, if you are not the type that enjoys reading generally, then the GCE A-level in History is not for you. If you do like reading generally then you will most probably adore the GCE A-level in History as it provides an excellent platform on which to apply for a wide range of university degrees and put you in good stead for many different professions, such as law.

At AGF Tutoring, there are History tutors who have graduated from some of the very top universities in the world and are in an excellent position to guide and tutor you. If you wish to prepare for the GCE A-level in History then we recommend the Pearson Edexcel IAL though there are many other options from other examination boards, such as AQA, CIE and OCR. Please let us know which GCE A-level you wish to prepare for or which particular unit in the particular syllabus you require assistance and we will source the most appropriate tutor. If you wish to prepare for a GCE A-level in History, or require specific assistance, then please register here or book your free introductory session to get started.