A-level Psychology

GCE Psychology has become quite popular during the last ten years and is arguably one of the most scintillating A-levels on offer at the moment. Some have recently deemed that psychology be categorized a science. This A-Level gives students the chance to study the subject in depth, exploring different theories and methodologies. It is obviously ideal for anyone wishing to study Psychology, Sociology, Criminology or even Law. However, it is by no means limited to the above and is frequently chosen by students who are doing mathematics and economics, for example.

The A-Level examination consists of three papers. In the first paper students will be assessed in social psychology, cognitive psychology, biological psychology, and learning theories. The second paper includes criminal psychology, clinical psychology, child psychology, and health psychology. The third paper tests students on their skills rather than their knowledge and it includes methods, a synoptic view of their studies, issues, and debates.

At AGF Tutoring we prefer the IAL Pearson’s examination as there are more available dates to take the exam throughout the year. Full specifications for the IAL Psychology can be found here.

If you are interested in preparing for the Psychology A-level then we at AGF Tutoring have tutors who have studied psychology at both undergraduate and postgraduate, and indeed have sat the A-level in Psychology themselves. Please do not hesitate to register and book an introductory session.