About AGF Tutoring

AGF Tutoring was founded by Alastair Fisher, educated at Dulwich College and Edinburgh University. Having established a very successful tutorial college in 2000, and having garnered an enviable track record, he wanted to offer the same exclusive tuition to anyone, anywhere at practically any time but simultaneously to maintain and perpetuate an extremely personalised approach. Thus, AGF Tutoring, launched in 2016, created specifically for the optimisation of private online tutoring. To maintain and ensure the highest of standards and quality of our tuition, all AGF Tutoring’s tutors and consultants are rigorously selected and monitored by a dedicated, experienced academic advisory team. As AGF Tutoring is unabashedly selective and uncompromising, the number of tutors is relatively small in comparison to many other online tutoring companies. Instead, we prefer to place emphasis on the quality of our pedagogy and the nurturing of close, long-lasting relationships with our students and parents, consistently corroborated by our track record, testimonials and growing number of homeschoolers. Word-of-mouth recommendations have already proved powerful as more and more satisfied clientele spread the message about the calibre and quality AGF Tutoring’s services.

Just as Aristotle accomplished with his Peripatetic school some 2400 years ago, AGF Tutoring strives to provide the best in tuition, mentoring, education consultancy and career guidance today, via internet technology and all its concomitant applications. Anyone, anywhere at any time can take advantage of the very best private tuition and consulting through AGF Tutoring, enabling the committed student to experience the same personal attention and pedagogy as she or he would in a physical context.

At AGF Tutoring, you will get no nonsense tutorials, university counselling and guidance, and career consultancy. Many of our tutors and consultants have attended the very best universities in the world and so are in a great position to deliver clear, accurate, apposite advice and, of course, highly effective tuition. Our underlying methodology is to waste as little time as possible, concentrating on the task of successfully delivering as much useful information efficaciously but never losing that important human, personal touch. Most of all we are committed to attaining stellar results that enable our students to realise their ambitions in an increasingly competitive environment.

We would like to think that you, the prospective student, interested parent or guardian, take the proposition as seriously as we do. Therefore, we invite you to submit your details via our simple registration process; or you can proceed to a live one-on-one introductory session – we interview all prospective individuals before commencing tutorial sessions with the most appropriate tutors. Given the high degree of personalisation of our services, AGF Tutoring is certainly not a mass-market online tutoring company; its rates are higher but in line with the level and quality of services rendered and what you would expect of such a bespoke service.

We cordially invite you to an introductory session – it is a very easy process that is described in detail in the How it works section of the site.

We look forward to working with you soon.