“Applying to college or graduate school can be a daunting task. The applicant is faced with a host of requirements that need to be fulfilled, a number of tests that have to be taken, a list of strict deadlines that must be met. The need for careful planning and organized approach is apparent to anyone who has gone through this intimidating process. Just as an athlete who trains for a marathon, the committed applicant needs a competent coach, namely, an experienced person who can prepare him or her for the obstacles ahead. While the application process may seem like a lengthy one, the time is actually limited. This is why investing in high quality professional guidance, such as that offered by AGF tutoring, is crucial.

At a time when the Internet was still quite limited as a tele-education medium, AGF tutoring played a pivotal role in my personal educational journey. During my preparation for the SAT Reasoning Test, SAT II Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics tests, AGF Tutoring’s unique teaching methodology not only allowed me to master the subjects, but also helped me better understand the intricacies of the admission process, complete the applications in a timely manner, and prepare for the interviews. Weekly one-to-one feedback sessions with my tutors had also a tremendous impact on my English vocabulary. As my writing skills began to improve, I became better at expressing my thoughts and career goals – a skill that turned out to be essential during the interviews.”

BLP, Brown University, B.Sc. in Biochemistry, Class of 2011
Georgetown University School of Medicine, M.D. candidate, Class of 2017

“When I first decided to study in the US I was very confused. I did not know what to study, where to apply, and how to proceed with my applications. It was really hard for me to plan and prepare for my studies, and I eventually went astray. After that, I reluctantly decided to seek for help and search for a tutor. At that time I believed that tutors were useless. However, it all changed on my first lesson with Alastair. He is not the usual tutor that just goes over the necessary material and assigns you some homework; he is much more than that. He consistently tries to make you think, and challenges you to be better. His sessions are very empowering because you do not only learn the necessary material to succeed at the exams, but you also expand your horizons. Over the last few years I have become an avid reader because of AGF Tutoring. Books have enriched my life in a way that one could never have expected. Alastair was extremely helpful with my applications; he helped me find the best fit for me, and also helped me to get accepted to it. He is not just a great teacher, but also a great mentor.”

VH, University of California at Santa Barbara, BSc. in Economics, Class of 2014

“For two years, I was privileged enough to be part of the AGF Tutoring community and to be instructed by Alastair. In fact, the word “instructed” does not even begin to describe my relation with Alastair. To me, he was not just a teacher in the conventional sense; rather, he was my mentor and even today, we still see each other, discuss various matters and make plans for the future like good old friends!

Thanks to Alastair, my academic evolution over those years was outstanding, with significant gains in such subjects such as the English Language, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Not only did he help me prepare for the SATs and provide me with plenty of helpful material, but he also suggested that I take the GCE A-Level Mathematics which actually played a really important role in my admission to top US universities and my preparation for other exams. He also gave me the opportunity to assist him as a math teaching assistant and helped me decide which universities to apply to.

Alastair is a brilliant person, with a great sense of humor, passion and willingness to guide students through the realms of knowledge. From discussing politics and economics, to calculating challenging integrals and reading philosophy books, my time with him was a truly rewarding and enriching experience. I owe you a lot…”

DK, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, Applied Mathematics, Class of 2019


Student testimonial

1:46 Published: Mar 7, 2017

“I always believed that finding a tutor was unnecessary for me as my grades in school were always quite high. I thought that I could manage everything on my own. However, I soon realized I was wrong as I had much to improve and I was clueless of the application process. Looking back, I am grateful of what AGF Tutoring offered me. The tutors taught me much to ameliorate my academic potential and were instrumental guiding me through the infamous application process.

Being a student-athlete meant that my time was extremely limited as I had to travel a lot for swimming meets which resulted in my missing many lessons. Additionally, I decided to leave for the US a year earlier than normal. Luckily for me AGF Tutoring’s efficient teaching method allowed me to learn a few years of work in only a few months. This not only prepared me well for the exams, but also allowed me to exploit every extra meet/training I had which has resulted in my athletic success and a precious spot on the Columbia University’s Men’s Swimming and Diving Team.

I strongly advise other student-athletes, as well as students generally, who are in need of academic success and have limited time to seriously consider AGF Tutoring.”

NL, Columbia University, Architecture, Class of 2020

“We always knew that we wanted both our sons to study in the US but really did not have a clue as to how they should prepare to have good chances of getting places at highly ranked universities. Making everything all the more difficult, we live on a rather small isolated island and do not have direct access to a service that would facilitate such preparation. Fortunately, we found AGF Tutoring. The tutors of AGF Tutoring tutored both my sons, preparing them for the SATs and IELTS, over the period of just over a year. Everything was extremely professional and well-organized. My younger son was admitted for Mechanical Engineering at the University of California at San Diego (2009) while my elder son was admitted for Journalism at Boston University (2010). We were very pleased with all you did – thank you very much.”

Parents Mr. and Mrs. K University of California at San Diego, Mechanical Engineering
Boston University, Journalism

Student testimonial

1:46 Published: Mar 7, 2017

“Looking back to my one year at AGF Tutoring, I can definitely say that it has completely changed my life. When I first visited AGF Tutoring, studying at some of the best universities in the world was nothing more than a dream. The tutors at AGF helped me realize my potential and really take advantage of my talents.

Under Alastair’s guidance, during the amazing hours we spent together, I was able to complete all my goals and to finish two GCE A-Levels, one in Physics and one in Mathematics, as well as SAT subject tests in Mathematics, Physics and French and the ACT in one year. I could not have done this without him as he provided me with the tools and support to really prepare myself fully for all these exams.

From day one I felt comfortable and soon I was part of the community, actively participating in the discussions that have really helped me challenge ideas and further my knowledge on various topics.

All in all, I can look back at my experience with AGF Tutoring and say that I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I owe a lot to Mr. Fisher whom I see not only as a tutor, but as a mentor and a friend.”

AK, Durham University, Theoretical Physics, Class of 2020

“I just wanted to let you know that Steve is doing fantastic in Los Angeles. He is attending California State University Dominguez Hills in Carson, studying mathematics and playing second-division soccer. He’s loving it all! Thank you very much for all that you and your crew did for him to help prepare for college. He’ll be coming into contact with you during Christmas, and I’m sure he would love to see you. Have a great day!”

Parent MT, California State University Dominguez Hills, Mathematics

Anna“I live in a remote area – in fact in a small provincial town – where there are no facilities for preparation for undergraduate degrees in the US. Fortunately, I came across AGF Tutoring and managed to do all my prep there. My English was relatively weak in the beginning but with the assistance of their excellent tutors I managed to reach a high academic standard in about a year, allowing me to get a good score in the IELTS. I had other tutors who helped me with the math and verbal sections for the ACT and SAT Subject Tests, which I did well in. Other consultants guided me through the application processes – the Commonapp and other university portals – making my life so much easier as it was not straightforward. My dream came true: I recently got accepted at the University of San Francisco – my first choice! I just want to say a big thank you to all the wonderful tutors and consultants (with whom I built great relationships) at AGF Tutoring. If you are not sure how or what to prepare for or how to apply to a university or which universities to apply to then I highly recommend AGF Tutoring to you. Everyone is extremely professional, well-organized, knowledgeable and caring. My parents and I were very happy and extremely satisfied with AGF Tutoring.”

AK, University of San Francisco, Class of 2022

Polly“My dream, ever since I was a young girl, was to go to one of the finest universities in the US for an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering. My parents also wanted this for me and fully supported my quest. However, as I live in Greece and followed the Greek system, there were few options available for the necessary preparation. In 11th grade I came across AGF Tutoring, and after some preliminary interviews with me and my parents, a program was formulated with a view to optimizing my chances of securing a place at a top 10 US university for Civil Engineering. I prepared for the ACT, SAT Subject Tests in Mathematics Level 2 and Physics, the GCE A-level Mathematics and the IELTS. I was tutored by a number of different tutors for the various exams and other consultants assisted me with my US applications. Due to the excellent delivery of the tutorials, the timing and the organization, I aced all the tests and submitted great applications which led to my being offered places at a number of my choices – Purdue, Texas A&M, University of Southern California to name a few. My dream came true in late March when I learnt that I had been accepted at the University of California at Berkeley ranked #1 in the world for Civil Engineering. I am extremely excited about commencing there in Fall 2018. My parents and I would like to thank AGF Tutoring and its tutors and consultants for their professionalism, expertise and dedication. If you are looking to applying to and preparing for a top US university then I would highly and unhesitatingly recommend AGF Tutoring.”

PK, University of California at Berkeley, Civil Engineering, Class of 2022