The Law School Admission Test, or as most call it the LSAT, is a gruelling half-day test of turbo-charged reading comprehension, logic games, verbal reasoning and analytical essays. You have to be well prepared to conquer the LSAT, the deciding factor as to whether you will attain that sought after place at one of the leading Law schools in the US.

The LSAT is available four times a year. It is a standardized test and is scored on a scale of 120 – 180. To get into a top 10 Law School then your score will have to be at least in the 90th percentile, meaning at least 165/180. A score of 178/180 will put you in the top 1%.

At AGF Tutoring we have tutors and consultants who actually sat the LSAT and are now either at Law school and/or are practising lawyers. If you are interested in engaging their expertise then please register and book your free introductory session.