SAT English Literature

The SAT Literature Subject Test is deemed the most difficult, carrying the lowest average score of 610/800, though it is the most popular after Mathematics and World History.

For those who devour books then this is the SAT Subject Test for you. The texts are lifted from well-known authors from literally any period in English Literature, US literature, and various other English speaking regions of the world. The texts could be anything from the Renaissance to post-modern authors. The SAT Literature Subject Test examines your ability to analyse and interpret texts, whether it be prose, poetry or drama. You also need to be familiar with the jargon of English literature, terms such as allegory and alliteration, for example.

The best preparation is literally to read but to read representative texts that may actually appear in the SAT Literature Subject Test. You also need to learn how to read critically, efficiently and simultaneously assimilate and interpret the texts. The tutors at AGF Tutoring have aced the SAT Literature Subject Test and therefore know exactly which is the best preparation for the test. If you wish to prepare for the SAT Literature Subject Test then please register here or book your free introductory session with a Head Tutor.