Why it works

In one word: results. According to numerous reports and studies, private one-on-one tutoring produces by far the best results in the shortest period of time in the most efficacious, rewarding and satisfying way, for both tutee and tutor. The results at AGF Tutoring resoundingly corroborate this, illustrating that highly qualified, dedicated tutors can bring about tangible improvements in performance, and, thus, the concomitant excellent results that we all desire.

At AGF Tutoring, the tutors are literally handpicked, interviewed and assessed by our Senior Academic Advisors, ensuring the very highest of standards. We take our pedagogy extremely seriously at AGF Tutoring and sincerely believe that the personalized approach that we implement ensures that each and every prospective tutee will be assigned the most appropriate tutors, making for the best possible results. We assume that the individual who approaches AGF Tutoring takes the proposition of tutoring as seriously as we do. Consequently, we ask you to provide us with as many details as possible about yourself, including your background and future intentions. If you are not sure about what you want to do or do not understand the preparation process then we invite you to our free introductory session during which we will discern your needs, which will be duly addressed.

We are sure that you will enjoy the results of this highly personalized approach, the emphasis being to treat each and every student as a unique individual who requires his or her personal technique of learning and studying. AGF Tutoring tutors are products themselves of private tutoring and know exactly what constitutes a truly scintillating and engaging tutorial, naturally culminating in the stellar results that we have come to expect over the years. AGF Tutoring tutors not only have impressive paper qualifications but also impressive track records. This deserves a little more emphasis: there are many tutors who have truly remarkable CVs but their track records are non-existent. Just because someone has a great resume does not make him or her a great tutor. The track record of AGF Tutoring is truly impressive and we are incredibly proud of it and, moreover, intent on perpetuating it. We invite you to experience the incredibly powerful method of private tutoring at AGF Tutoring through our customised, easy-to-use platform. Follow the easy steps on the How it works page to understand why private one-on-one tutoring can work for you.